Benefits of LIC of India Online Premium Payments

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Benefits of  LIC of India Online Premium Payments:

LIC’s e-Services is LIC’s initiative to provide you with on demand service within a few clicks! You can now have many of the functionalities that were available only at a branch office, online at your fingertips.

You can pay LIC premiums using Net Banking accounts with any of the following banks:-

This facility is available for all non-ULIP policies.

Now the payments can be made using VISA/Master Credit Card (Domestic Only) with some convenience charges.

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide on how you can go about using this facility:Once you have enrolled your policy(s), you can click on the link ‘Pay Premium Online’ to see a list of policies whose premium is due.

You have a choice to select the policies for which you want to make LIC of India Online Premium Payments.

You will be directed to a page where you can choose from multiple banks for payment and will be directed to the login page of the selected bank. It is essential that you have a net banking account with at least one of these banks.

At the bank site you will need to login with your net banking username/password. On successful login, the total amount to be paid by you towards LIC will be displayed.

Please verify your balance (displayed) and confirm the transaction to the bank. Simultaneously successful/unsuccessful transaction message will be flashed.

On successful transaction, a digitally signed e-receipt will be generated and e-mailed to you. In case of an unsuccessful transaction you will be informed and the reason thereof.For detailed documentation on how to verify the digital signature on the e-receipt, click here attached file is in PDF Document Format. For installation of root certificate, you need to download the RCAI-Class3.p7b file and import the same as per e-receipt verification documentation (eReceipt_Verification_Help.pdf).

Click here to download the RCAI-Class3.p7b file.Benefits

» There is no further registration involved at the service provider end.
» There is no time lag from the date of payment to obtaining receipts.
» It is also a secure arrangement, as the policy data is not shared between LIC and Banks over net as only the amount to be paid is encrypted and transported. The login id at both the sites (LIC and Bank) is known only to you.
» And above all there is no charge for you to avail this service.


1. Please provide correct and valid mobile number and email id.
2. A receipt would be mailed to your e-mail id.
3. Online premium payment should be made by the policyholder himself. No third party payment should be made using this mode of payment.
4. If the premium amount is debited from your Bank Account but error page displayed, a receipt will be sent to your email id in three working days after receiving the confirmation from your Bank.You can report such occurrence to get a life quotes.
5.If Re-trying: Please first check whether your bank account/card is already debited/charged with the amount of earlier transaction. If debited/charged please do not pay again. Receipt will be sent as stated above.
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